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US military hands over to Iraqis new base N. of capital

BAGHDAD, May 28 (KUNA) -- The US Army in Iraq handed over on Friday a new military base to Iraqi forces located northeast of Baghdad city.
Iraqi Prime Minister's Representative Muneer Hadad said during the hand over ceremony that such step comes within the security agreements between the Iraqi and US governments.
The Representative said the new military base will supervise Al-Rashidiya and Al-Husainiya areas in northern Baghdad, noting that such base is considered one of three military bases controlled by the 11th regiment of the Iraqi military.
The Iraqi official added that the Iraqi military now has even dependency on its personnel in the area rather than US military support.
Meanwhile, US Army Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Denis said the hand over was an important event to the Iraqi military capabilities that would enable it carry out security responsibilities without US military assistance. (end) mhg.mb KUNA 282118 May 10NNNN