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Iraq''s VP says there are "unlawful attempts" to change results of Iraqi election

BAGHDAD, May 1 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Vice President Tareq Al-Hashimi said on Saturday that there are "unlawful attempts" which aim at changing the results of recent legislative elections, including interference in some of the independent institutions to delay outcome approval, therefore delaying the formation of upcoming Iraqi government.
Al-Hashimi said in a press conference disputes among the Iraqis should be address between Iraqis themselves.
The Iraqi leader, member of the winning Iraqiya List - 91 seats - noted that his bloc did not make yet a formal request for any party to intervene in such a legal dispute with the rest of the other blocs, adding that his bloc wants to keep this issue under the national umbrella solution mechanism. He said he called for an urgent meeting of the Iraqi Presidency Council because of the dangerous political situation. (end) ahh.mb KUNA 011954 May 10NNNN