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Arab states exert efforts in improving the Arab Marmite transport

By Mohammed Hassan CAIRO, April 28 (KUNA) -- Director General of the Kuwait Ports Authority and the head of Arab Sea Ports Federation Sheikh Dr. Sabah Jaber Al-Ali is participating in the first Arab conference on transport and logistics, held in Cairo.
Arab experts and the Saudi Minister of Transport Jubara Bin Eid Al-Suraysiri hailed in remark to KUNA the role of the Arab Sea Port Federation, under the leadership of Dr. Sabah Jaber Al-Ali in supporting and improving the performance of the Arab ports.
The head of Arab Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport Dr. Mohammad Farghali told KUNA that the academy is working to train the Arab workforce in the marine transport field, calling on the Arab countries to cooperate to support such training programs.
Farghali announced that the meeting of Arab Ministers of Transport will be held at the head of the academy headquarters in Alexandria between October 27-28, the first meeting since 1990.
The chairperson of Holding Company for Marmite and Land Transport Dr. Mohammad Ahmad Ibrahim Yousef told KUNA that Kuwait ranks first in total tonnage of the Arab fleet, followed by Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar, while the four GCC countries form 61 percent of the total Arab fleet.
He stressed the commercial Arab fleet form 13,2 million tons, which makes only 11.1 percent of the world tonnage, called for the improvement of the infrastructure of Arab ports, and the promote of bilateral trade investment in maritime transport.
The head of information technology department in the Academy for Science and Technology and Maritime Transport Dr. Adel Abu Al-Sawood called for the establishment of a data bank for the Arab marmite transport, which would support the Arab economy in serving and linking the Arab ports. (end) bna.lb KUNA 281011 Apr 10NNNN