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Israel deports Palestinian from W. Bank

GAZA, April 27 (KUNA) -- The Israeli Army expelled on Tuesday from the West Bank town of Hebron to Gaza a 19-year-old Palestinian in line with a previous decision to deport what Tel Aviv viewed as "illegal residents" of the region.
Palestinian sources told KUNA Fadi Al-Gharazmeh was arrested while he was working in the city market and was taken to Ofar detention center near Ramallah before he was forced to go to Gaza.
The young Palestinian, born in Gaza, arrived at Beit Hanoun checkpoint where he joined Ahmad Sabah, who was released from prison by the Israeli authorities several days ago and observed an indefinite sit-in, sheltered in a tent at the site, the sources said.
Al-Gharazmeh had lived with his family members in Hebron for 15 years.
Israeli military authorities had taken a decision, effective in the middle of March, to deport scores of Palestinians living in the West Bank on charges of staying in the region on illegal basis or infiltrating into it.
The Israeli media say the decision will be applied on Palestinians born in Gaza, or those whose children were born in the strip, those who lost the residency rights in the bank for various reasons or foreign women married to Palestinians. (end) mt.rk KUNA 272350 Apr 10NNNN