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France "very concerned" by Israeli plan to expel Palestinians

PARIS, April 12 (KUNA) -- The French government said on Monday that it was "very concerned" by an Israeli decision whereby thousands of Palestinians risk being expelled from the West Bank under the pretext of having illegally "infiltrated" that occupied Palestinian territory.
"We are very concerned by the recent decision of the Israeli authorities to modify the rules for expelling Palestinians residing in the West Bank," Foreign Ministry spokesman Bernard Valero said.
According to an Israeli military order, tens of thousands of Palestinians could be labeled "infiltrators" and be expelled from the West Bank, even if they were born there. Gazans, who fled that troubled territory and took refuge in the West Bank, would also be targeted and the military order appears so broad it could affect any Palestinian resident.
"We call on the Israeli authorities, in conformity with international law, to respect the freedom of residence of the Palestinians in the West Bank and allow them to move freely in the Palestinian territories," the French official affirmed. (end) jk.rk KUNA 121530 Apr 10NNNN