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Israel allocates USD 15 bln for "Jerusalem 2020" plans -- report

CAIRO, April 10 (KUNA) -- Israel allocated USD 15 billion for settlements according to its "Jerusalem 2020" plans, a Palestinian report said Saturday.
Assistant Arab League Secretary General for Palestinian Affairs Mohammad Subeeh called to implement the latest financial resolution during the latest Arab Summit held in Sert, Libya, pointing out that the Holy City is in need of financial aid.
Subeeh warned of seriousness of the case, due to the Israeli plans (Jerusalem 2020) for invading the city and turning Arab population in it into a minority.
According to the report received by the Palestinian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel seized approximately 660,000 meters from the town of Isawiya.
Furthermore, the plan works to transfer more than 40,000 settlers to Jerusalem in order for the city to be Israeli property.
The report also indicated that the population of Jerusalem is 760,000 people, where Jewish community adds up to 65 percent, where the 35 percent left is Palestinians.
The plan also aims to reduce the Arab percentage to less than 12 percent by the year 2020.
The project area is approximately 12,600,000 meters, including the Western and Eastern strips, as well as the seized Palestinian lands from the 1967.
Further, the report included facts of Jerusalem before 1967, where the population of Palestinians were 70,000 and no Israelis, and due to the immigration policy and identity withdrawal, Israelis now are 180,000 people to 25,000 Palestinian in Eastern Jerusalem.
Therefore, Palestine that used to control 100 percent over its lands now is in control of 14 percent, due to the confiscation.
Subeeh stressed that facts cannot change throughout the years, not even via the policies of settlements, Judaization, or replacing road signs. (end) ez.mao KUNA 101914 Apr 10NNNN