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Huge Naval Fleet of humanitarian aid preparing to go to Gaza

GENEVA, April 10 (KUNA) -- The European Campaign to end the Siege on Gaza decided on Saturday to send naval fleets to Gaza strip in order to support its trapped population for more than 1,000 days.
Arafat Mady, president of the Campaign, said in an interview with Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), "the fleet which will set a precedent in the history of breaking the siege, will house three ships loaded with different types of relief and aid materials. Seven other ships will be full of solidarity activists with the besieged residents of Gaza." He said after a meeting of the organisation community of the trip in its office in Geneva, "The new in this campaign is that the convoy, which will move next month, will have five alliances of European powers with different experiences in facing critical humanitarian situations resulting from the embargo." "The ships will sail under the Turkish and Greek flags", indicates Arafat Mady, "it will follow the international waters leading to Palestinian territorial waters adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and thus there will not be any pretext for the Israeli authorities to intercept the fleet.", he added.
The ships will carry ready made houses for the displaced people, medical equipment, essential drugs, food, equipments for disabled and equipment for purifying drinking water and the essential requirements of daily life that lacks residents.
"A group of European politicians, parliamentarians, intellectuals, human rights activists and volunteers in the field of humanitarian relief from European and Arab countries and around the world will join the fleet to Gaza", he added.
In his interview with (KUNA), Arafat Mady indicated that the keenness of a large number of personalities from a wide political spectrum participating in the campaign and the financial support reflects how the European public opinion convinced the magnitude of the suffering of people in Gaza through the embargo, who left strong effects on the all aspects of the life there.
He pointed out that supporting the campaign reflects the conviction insistence on the injustices suffered by Palestinians under siege, despite the major powers behind it.
He described the Coming fleet's journey as a "popular movement of an international collation in the face of a human made disaster, made million and a half million people suffering since one thousand days." (end).
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