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Two more explosions rock Baghdad

BAGHDAD, April 6 (KUNA) -- Two more explosions rocked the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, on Tuesday causing collapse of a number of residential complexes in "Police Square 4" and "Police Square 5" areas.
Sources said the cause of the explosions was still unknown, adding that missiles were a possibility.
However, eyewitnesses said they think bombs were the cause of the explosions.
Earlier on Tuesday, two buildings collapsed near Baghdad's cinema in Al-Allawi area as a result of an explosion in a cafe.
Iraqi Police said the attack was executed by a suicide bomber.
Other explosions rocked Baghdad earlier in the day.
Police sources said one blast was caused by a booby-trapped vehicle detonated in Chakuk area in Baghdad.
Medics said that at least two people were killed and ten others were injured in Chakuk and Shula areas as result of the blasts.(end) mhg.ris KUNA 061140 Apr 10NNNN