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Leader of Adhamiyah Awakening group assassinated -- Sources

BAGHDAD, March 27 (KUNA) -- Unidentified gunmen on Saturday assassinated the leader of Adhamiyah Awakening group with a hail of bullets while he was standing near the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa in Adhamiyah.
Iraqi security sources told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) here that unknown gunmen opened fire at noon today, towards Khalil Ibrahim Makki, near the shrine of Imam Abu Hanifa in Adhamiyah, north of Baghdad, killing him instantly.
According to eyewitnesses, the gunmen escaped to an unknown destination.
An Iraqi police officer who declined to be identified said the security forces imposed tight security after the assassination of Makki, who died after suffering five gunshots to his chest and abdomen.
Meanwhile, former commander of Adhamiyah Awakening group Riad al-Samarrai was killed in a suicide bombing that targeted him inside a building of the Sunni Endowment in the area of Sab'a Abkar north of Baghdad, on January 7, 2008. (end).
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