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Four Israeli jets seen over Lebanon

BEIRUT, Jan 17 (KUNA) -- Four Israeli fighter jets were seen flying over Lebanese airspace in violation of the Lebanese sovereignty and UN resolution 1701, a Lebanese statement said on Sunday.
The fighters were seen over a town south of Lebanon located close to the border with Israel, according to a statement by the Lebanese armed forces.
The planes made a circular movement over several towns before heading back over the sea.
The statement added that Israeli fighters have been witnessed over Lebanese territory on a virtually daily basis for a few weeks lately, and this is considered a breach of the UN Security Council resolution 1701.
The UN Interim Forces in Lebanon (UNIFIL) have voiced concern over the matter on a number of occasions, criticizing the Israeli breaches on Lebanese sovereignty, and sending letters of complaint to the UN and Israeli army command. (end) ayb.sd KUNA 172102 Jan 10NNNN