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Algeria, Libya sign minutes of their follow-up cmte meetings

ALGIERS, Jan 10 (KUNA) -- Algeria and Libya signed Sunday minutes of the sixth session of the Follow-up Committee meetings in the Algerian government palace.
Algerian Prime Minister Ahmad Ouyahia expressed satisfaction on the results of such session and described, to reporters after the meetings, that such session is vital and would contribute to bolstering bilateral relations on various fields.
The Follow-up Committee has made a comprehensive review on issues of mutual concern, including results of cooperation since the 12th session of the joint executive committee meeting, Ouyahia said.
The Algerian government leader said such positive outcome resembles the issues of strategic and grand cooperation between the two countries, adding that such event would pave the way for holding the 13th joint executive committee meetings, scheduled to start next February in Tripoli.
Earlier today, Algerian Minister for Maghreb and African Affairs Abdelkader Messahel said the committee developed a working paper for the year 2010 aiming at "boosting commercial exchanges between the two countries." He announced that a work team, made up of technicians from trade and customs sectors, will start working next week to make "proposals to facilitate bilateral trade." Algerian-Libyan Follow-up Committee, he added, "has managed to find solutions to pending issues" in terms of investment.
In addition to the investment issue, the committee tackled a series of detailed projects relating to the fields of agriculture, hydraulics and infrastructures, underlining the possibility of extending cooperation to energy, scientific research, information and communication technologies and industry. (end) ft.mb KUNA 102355 Jan 10NNNN