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Iraq blasts leave scores dead, injured, conflicting news of death of officials

 BAGHDAD, Dec 30 (KUNA) -- Three suicide attacks in Al-Ramada city, the capital of Al-Anbar, killed 14 people, including officials, and injured 50 others on Wednesday.
Sources from the Iraqi Police said Anbar Governor Qasim Al-Fahdawi, member of the governorate council Sadoun Abdulmohsen, assistant of the police chief for infrastructure affairs Brigadier Abbas Al-Alwani, and the police chief's secretary Brigadier Thahir Ali, were among the dead.
Head of Anbar rescue council Hameed Al-Hayes confirmed the death of the governor and Abdulmohsen. However, head of the governorate's council Jasim Al-Solobsi denied that, saying they were not killed, but were "seriously injured and were in the intensive care unit of a hospital run by US forces." A car was blown up in each of the first two attacks; one targeted a government complex that has a courtroom and governorate and police offices, said a police source.
When the governor and a number of officials and policemen gathered at the scene of the second attack, a third suicide bomber blew himself up.
Iraqi police said that one of the attacks occurred as the government complex was scene of a clash with prisoners.
It was not known whether any prisoners were able to escape.
Al-Anbar is some 110 kilometers west of Baghdad.
The governorate saw relative stability recently after Sahwa forces were able to drive Qaeda fighters away from the area.(end) mhg.ris KUNA 301249 Dec 09NNNN