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Explosions target Shiite worshippers, church in Iraq

BAGHDAD, Dec 23 (KUNA) -- Six people were killed in two separate explosions in Iraq on Wednesday, police said.
A police source told KUNA explosives went off close to a crowd of Muslim Shiites who were holding a service marking the religious occasion, Ashoura, in the district of Al-Mashtal in eastern sector of the capital.
The blast killed three people and wounded 28 others. The casualties were whisked to hospitals.
Meanwhile in the northern city of Mosul, three civilians were killed and five others were wounded in a blast near a church of the Chrisitian Syriatic community in the center of the city.
Four churches and a convent were attacked in Mosul over the past six weeks. Gunmen killed five Christians and kidnapped others, seeking ransom. (end) sbr.rk KUNA 231931 Dec 09NNNN