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Iraq admits security level below required

BAGHDAD, Dec 15 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Parliament Speaker Ayad Al-Samarraie admitted that the security efforts in his country were less than what is required.
Al-Samarraie said in a press release, after three sessions in which Prime Minister and head of the armed forces Nouri Al-Maliki, ministers, and security officials were quizzed, that contradictions in the answers of ministers during the sessions showed that there was a problem and no coordination among concerned ministries, which negatively affected the security situation.
All comments of members of parliament and answers of ministers will be referred to the security and defense committee which will prepared a detailed report that would be a guideline for ministries, he pointed out.
Responding to ministers' accusations of the parliament of not issuing suitable regulations and not providing enough funding for security bodies, Al-Samarraie said that the Parliament's financial committee was flexible and that the security situation was a priority to the Parliament.
Al-Maliki and a number of ministers and officials were quizzed after a number of explosions shock Iraq last Tuesday. (end) mhg.ris KUNA 151049 Dec 09NNNN