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Five Iraqis killed, 46 wounded in two blasts in N. Hillah

BAGHDAD, Nov 1 (KUNA) -- Five Iraqis were killed and 46 others were wounded in two separate blasts in northern Hillah on Sunday, Iraqi police said.
A police source told KUNA that five Iraqis were killed and 37 were wounded when a booby-trapped motorbike blew up at a local market in Masyeb, northern Hillah.
Meanwhile, eight civilians were seriously wounded when an explosive device was detonated in one of the residential buildings in Jibla area.
The blasts come after the wide-scale military operations that the Iraqi forces waged against Al-Qaeda in the area, resulting in the arrest of 87 individuals on the wanted list. (end) mhg.ema KUNA 011249 Nov 09NNNN