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Three Qaeda insurgents nabbed in mop-up operation in Iraq -- spokesman

By Mohammad Al-Ghazzi BAGHDAD, Oct 30 (KUNA) -- Iraqi authorities detained three members of Al-Qaeda organization who were involved in recent bombing attacks that targeted popular markets in the town of Al-Hilla, the official spokesman of the defense ministry said on Friday.
Major General Mohammad Al-Askari said in a statement to KUNA the trio were nabbed as part of a security operation that targeted specific hideouts in regions located north of Babel.
The campaign targeted elements suspected in recent bombing attacks that occurred in Al-Musayeb, Al-Hawah and Al-Iskanderia.
The three activists are members of a seven-man terrorist cell, Maj. Gen. Al-Askari said, adding that the hunt for the four others was proceeding.
Up to 87 suspects have been detained since start of the wide-scale mop-up operation, the major general added.
Iraq has witnessed a wave of recent fiery bomb blasts that claimed scores of lives, in what appeared to be renewed challenge to the state efforts to take over security responsibilities from the allied forces following their prospected pullout from the country.
The government has vowed to carry on with efforts to defeat the insurgency, challenging its authority.
The insurgents are said to include Islamic fundementalists and Baathists. (end) mhg.rk KUNA 301501 Oct 09NNNN