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Kuwaiti media delegation heads to Sri Lanka

KUWAIT, Oct 15 (KUNA) -- A Kuwaiti media delegation left the country Thursday, heading to Sri Lanka to develop tourism relations with the Asian country.
The delegation from Kuwait Airways would be visiting the most prominent tourism sites in Sri Lanka.
The Sri Lankan embassy held a festivity last Tuesday to showcase what the country could offer for Kuwaiti tourists with the event attended by Sri Lanka's Tourism Minister Faiszer Mustapha.
Mustapha called on Kuwaitis and other Arabs to come and enjoy Sri Lanka's tourism treasures.
Sri Lanka's Ambassador to Kuwait Sarath Dissanayake said on his part that all Arab tourists were welcomed to visit Sri Lanka which offers special treatment for its tourists and people eager to enjoy themselves in Sri Lanka. (end) ms.aan.gta KUNA 152303 Oct 09NNNN