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Moroccan King assures his country''s "unwavering" support to Obama

RABAT, Oct 10 (KUNA) -- King Mohammad VI assured his country's unwavering support to US President Barack Obama's lofty, unrelenting action to achieve peace, security, stability and shared prosperity in the world.
"My country also supports your efforts to uphold the universal values of freedom, democracy, solidarity, justice and brotherhood, and to promote the lofty ideals of human rights to which both our peoples are deeply committed," the monarch said in his congratulating cable sent to Obama on the ocassion of his winning the Nobel Peace Prize.
Furthermore, the Moroccon monarch expressed his confidence that this international prize will further enhance Obama's determination to keep up his praiseworthy action, in order to promote confidence between different civilizations and faiths. In addition to bringing people closer to each other, particularly by pursuing his constructive approach to relations between the West and the Islamic world in order to secure a better future for mankind, said the King.
"This outstanding international award constitutes a tribute not only to your clear-sighted decisions and constructive initiatives to promote peace in the world - especially in the Middle East region," the monarch added, but also a recognition to Obama's untiring action to curb the proliferation of nuclear weapons and reduce the world's stockpile of these weapons.(end) sf.mao KUNA 101550 Oct 09NNNN