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Jerusalem is "red line" - Jordanian FM

AMMAN, Oct 4 (KUNA) -- Jerusalem is a "red line" to Jordan, Foreign Minister Nasser Judeh said here on Sunday.
"UNSC permanent members are urged to act immediately and shoulder their responsibilities, so as to halt Israeli unending violations," Judeh told reporters, adding that Israel must be pressured in order to actually commit to achieving peace and re-launching negotiations.
"Dangerous violations, such as allowing Jewish extremists to barge into courts of Al-Aqsa Mosque, as well as continuing excavations in Muslim holy places, destroying houses and displacing the Arab population in a bid to alter the demographic landscape in East Jerusalem are all condemned and rejected," Judeh stressed.
Earlier today, Judeh, in a meeting with EU Middle East representative Marc Otte, warned against the Israeli escalation and violations in occupied East Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa mosque.
In a related development, the Jordanian foreign ministry summoned the Israeli ambassador in Amman and handed him an objection note over unremitting violations on Muslim and Christian holy places in East Jerusalem.
"All Israeli procedures are illegal, as they signify a breach to Israel's commitments in its capacity as an occupying force in the West Bank," a ministry statement said.
Such procedures, the statement carried on to say, represented a major obstacle before efforts to launch serious negotiations that would result in achieving the two-state solution, and eventually, inclusive peace. (end) nas.hb KUNA 042240 Oct 09NNNN