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UN official reminds Israel its unilateral actions will not be recognized by Int'l community

 UNITED NATIONS, Aug 19 (KUNA) - A UN official on Wednesday urged Israel to stop its "provocative" actions against the Palestinian population in East Jerusalem and the West Bank and said these unilateral actions will not be recognized by the international community.
"We reiterate our call on Israel to adhere to international law and its Roadmap obligations, and to cease and reverse provocative actions such as demolitions and evictions in East Jerusalem," Assistant Secretary-General for Political Affairs Oscar Ferandez-Taranco told the Security Council in its montly briefing on the Middle East.
"We remind Israel of the united positon of the Quartet on this issue and its recent affirmation that unilateral actions cannot prejudge the outcome of negotiations and will not be recognized by the International community," he added.
He announced that the Quartet - UN, US, EU and Russia - will meet here next month on the margins of the General Assembly's general debate and that they will also consult with the members of the League of Arab States Follow-up committee on the Arab Peace Initiative.
He said the continued Israeli settlement activity in East Jerusalem and the West Bank is a matter of "grave concern." "We urge the Government of Israel to heed the call of the Quartet to honour its Roadmap obligations and freeze all settlement activity, including natural growth, and remove outposts erected since March 2001," he said.
He said attacks by Israeli settlers on Palestinians and their property in East Jerusalem continued, with a lack of enforcement of the rule of law, and that they have been a matter of "particular concern" during the last period.
Ferandez-Taranco warned against the radicalization of some elements in Gaza, such as Jund Ansar Allah, who took refuge inside a mosque in Rafah last week and declared it an Islamic Emirate.
He also warned against the dangers of the continued smuggling of weapons and explosives into the Strip.
He expressed regret and called it "unacceptable" that no early recovery or reconstruction activities for Gazans have been enabled some seven months after Operation Cast Lead.
He concluded by urging the parties to respond positively to efforts underway to create the conditions for the early resumption and early conclusion of Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, as well as to efforts to promote progress towards comprehensive regional peace. (end) sj.ajs KUNA 191959 Aug 09NNNN