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US to set framework for resolving Palestinian-Israeli conflict

CAIRO, July 30 (KUNA) -- The US will set a framework governing the resolution of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and will call on all parties involved to launch negotiations based on this, said Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Abul Gheit.
The Quartet - grouping the US, EU, UN and Russia - alongside a number of regional powers such as Egypt, are to contribute to efforts aimed at reaching a resolution, Abul Gheit said, in an interview with Egypt TV Wednesday evening.
US Special Envoy to the Middle East George Mitchell is preparing a comprehensive draft which puts an end to all Israeli settlement activities and is expecting Arab countries to support Palestinians when this is achieved, he said.
Mitchell will also hold talks with Israel, Syria and Lebanon on the two-state solution which covers the issues of boarders, refugees, and relations between the Palestinians and Israelis, he said.
He added that building new Israeli settlements places hurdles along the path to regional peace, and warned that the continuation of inter-Palestinian differences could cost Palestinians more land.
He reiterated Egypt's support for the Israeli-Syrian conciliation and said that it would help push forward Palestinian-Israeli talks.
Meanwhile, on the development of the Nile's water resources, Abul Gheit said that the countries that lie along the river's banks agreed on developing their water resources in cooperation with the World Bank.
To achieve this, he said, the Nile Basin countries agreed to establish a commission that would oversee the execution of projects worth USD 50 billion, aimed at achieving water sustainability for these countries over the next 50 years.
Moreover, he said that Egypt and Sudan's stances were clear with regard to rights to Nile water resources, he said, adding that Egyptian usage of river water was governed by international agreements. (end) nor.aia KUNA 301016 Jul 09NNNN