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Fifth bomb attack targets church in Baghdad Dora area

BAGHDAD, July 12 (KUNA) -- Four civilians were injured when an improvised bomb exploded near Marr Yousif Kaldan Church in Al-Dora area south of the Iraqi capital, the fifth bombing attack which targeted churches in the past several hours on Sunday.
An Iraqi police source told KUNA that the bomb was planted near a road close to the church in Al-Dora, injuring four people, with various levels of injuries.
The bomb also caused damage to the church itself, the source said.
Meanwhile, a civilian was killed and four others were injured when an improvised car bomb exploded in Al-Seyedia area south west of Baghdad.
Another bomb attack targeted a mini van type Mercedes which injured 10 people inside the bus.
Iraqi police said that they have imposed a tight security patrol at the bombing site and surrounding areas in case another attack takes place during the transfer of those injured to hospital. (Pickup previous) mhg.mb KUNA 130000 Jul 09NNNN