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Israeli forces close down W. Bank town

RAMALLAH, July 11 (KUNA) -- Israeli forces closed down the village of Beit Amr, close to Al-Khalil (Hebron), on Saturday and prevented farmers from getting to their land.
Witnesses said that Israeli forces attacked the farmers as they headed to their land, despite prior coordination with the Israelis, which claimed that the area was a closed military zone.
Beit Amr regularly sees protests against the separation wall and the construction of settlements, where dozens of supporters and journalists are arrested.
Meanwhile, Israeli troops executed an incursion into the city of Jenin and deployed to its streets. Several houses were searched, but no arrests were reported.
However, Palestinian sources said that two Palestinians from Jenin refugee camp were arrested while on their way back from Jordan, through Karama Crossing. (end) nq.ema KUNA 111306 Jul 09NNNN