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This day of Kuwait''s history

1973 -- Leading Kuwaiti figure, Sheikh Yousif bin Essa Al-Qenaei, passes away
1973 -- Leading Kuwaiti figure, Sheikh Yousif bin Essa Al-Qenaei, passes away
KUWAIT, July 5 (KUNA) -- 1958 -- Kuwait's ruler Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah signs a neutral zone maritime oil exploration agreement with the Arabian Oil Company for 40 years.
1960 -- Kuwait signs the Convention on the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization.
1961 -- The Amir, Sheikh Abdullah Al-Salem Al-Sabah delegates Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah as head of the Kuwaiti delegation touring Arab countries on a mission to explain the Kuwaiti stance over the false allegations by Iraqi leader Abdulkareem Qassem claiming historical right to Kuwaiti territory. The delegation stops in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Sudan, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco and Lebanon.
1970 -- Mohammed Ould Jeddou presents his credentials to the Amir, Sheikh Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah as the first Mauritanian ambassador to Kuwait.
1973 -- Leading Kuwaiti figure in science, literature and religion, Sheikh Yousif bin Essa Al-Qenaei, passes away at the age of 94.
1988 -- Saud Al-Rashed, prominent folk singer in Kuwait, passes away at the age of 66. He was among the first few artists whose voice greeted Kuwaitis in the earliest days of Radio Kuwait.
1993 -- An Amir Decree is issued appointing Dr. Faiza Al-Kharafi as Kuwait University Rector, first woman in the Gulf assigned such a post.
1997 -- MPs Sami Al-Munayyis, Mishari Al-Osaimi and Ahmad Al-Mulaifi file an interpellation motion to Parliament Speaker Ahmad Al-Saadoun against Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Nasser Al-Roudhan on several issues related to public funds and slack implementation of the law. They later fail to secure a no-confidence vote against the minister.
1999 -- Minister of Commerce and Industry Hisham Al-Otaibi inaugurates the "Capabilities '99" project on the seafront to encourage youth to engage in freelance and independent small businesses.
2001 -- Kuwait's track and field team wins a gold medal at the world military championship for the 400 meter relay race in Lebanon.
2001 -- Kuwait and Iran sign a security cooperation memorandum of understanding.
2003 -- Death of four-time MP Ibrahim Ali Khuraibet at the age of 90.
2003 -- Kuwaiti voters cast their ballots to elect 50 MPs out of 246 candidates for the 10th legislative term of the National Assembly. (end) adf.asa KUNA 050900 Jul 09NNNN