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Pakistan to share evidences of foreign involvement with relevant countries

ISLAMABAD, July 4 (KUNA) -- A Pakistani official Saturday said that the evidences of foreign involvement to destabilize Pakistan would be shared with the relevant countries in accordance with international protocol. Foreign Office Spokesman Abdul Basit talking to a local news channel once again confirmed involvement of foreign countries in creating disturbance in Pakistan but declined to name them.
His comments came amid public pressure increasing on the government to name the countries, which are behind instability in the country. Pakistani military and government officials have been repeatedly blaming anti-Pakistan foreign elements for disturbance in the country. However, they have been unable to provide the concrete proofs in this regard. Nevertheless, hypotheses remain that arch-foe India and other regional actors through Afghanistan are masterminding disturbance. The spokesman said that Pakistan is a responsible nation and that irrefutable evidences if found would be discussed with the relevant countries bilaterally rather than drumming them in the media. Non-state actors mostly from Afghanistan are trying to destabilize Pakistan, however, benefit of doubt should be given to Afghan government as it did not enjoy writ in many parts of the country, said the spokesman, adding that drug barons also have a nexus with terrorism. (end) amn.ajs KUNA 041506 Jul 09NNNN