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Netanyahu calls Mubarak, clarifies points mentioned in his speech

CAIRO, June 15 (KUNA) -- Egyptian President Mohammad Hosni Mubarak on Monday received a telephone call from Israeli Premier Benjamin Netanyahu, during which the latter clarified some points mentioned in his speech last night, Egyptian TV said.
Mubarak, in a statement to reporters earlier today, said the speech, which called for recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, will complicate the situation even further and will undermine peace hopes in the region.
"Netanyahu's call for changing the Arab peace initiative to drop the refugees' right to return will not receive support from Egypt or elsewhere," Mubarak was quoted by the TV as saying.
On Sunday evening, and in a keynote speech, Netanyahu declared that he was prepared to see the establishment of a Palestinian state, as long as the international community could guarantee it does not have any military capabilities. (end) nor.hb KUNA 152224 Jun 09NNNN