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Fatah, Hamas agree to end political arrests

GAZA, June 14 (KUNA) -- Rival Palestinian factions Fatah and Hamas on Sunday agreed to end political arrests between one another during conciliation meetings held in the West Bank and Gaza.
Fatah senior official Ibrahim Abul Naja during a joint press conference with Hamas official Ayman Taha, said that the two factions have also decided to exchange lists of arrested members in preparation for their release, as well as putting a stop to conflicting media campaigns against one another.
He added that the two factions appreciate Cairo's eager role regarding the Palestinian issue.
Conciliation committees from both factions will hold constant meetings to end the state of division and create the components of comprehensive national dialogue under Egypt's vision, in preparation for the signature of an agreement at the end of July, he noted.
On his part, Hamas' Taha reiterated that the Gaza and Ramallah meetings come under the framework of ending the state of division in preparation for the conciliation agreement. (pickup previous) mzt.sd KUNA 142055 Jun 09NNNN