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Syria''s FM unveils deal with US for normalized ties

DAMASCUS, June 14 (KUNA) -- Syrian Foreign Minister Walid al-Muallem said here Sunday that there was a Syrian-US agreement based on a roadmap for a normalization of relations in political, security and cultural domains.
Al-Muallem was quoted by Syria News as telling the US Foreign Policy magazine that he had recently agreed with US Secretary of State Hilary Clinton over a roadmap for a normalization of relations between Damascus and Washington.
He said they had a similar vision based on three points, notably Iraq's stability, comprehensive Middle East peace and fight against terrorism.
He was also quoted as voicing his country's willingness to improve ties with the US, hoping that US President Barack Obama could honor his promise to achieve comprehensive peace in the Middle East region.
Syrian-US relations have improved since Obama took over in January 2009, with US Middle East Envoy George Michel having traveled to Damascus in the first visit of its kind by a senior US official since 2005.
On US-Iranian relations, the Syrian foreign minister offered that his country could act as a facilitator between Washington and Tehran. (end) tk.mt KUNA 142059 Jun 09NNNN