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More than 300 workers express solidarity with fellow Palestinians

GENEVA, June 10 (KUNA) -- Workers from across the globe assembled at the UN square on Wednesday in solidarity with the Palestinian workers under Israeli occupation.
More than 300 workers representing worker's unions from across the globe expressed their support in a peaceful sit-in in front of the UN gate at the square.
Maiza Fiostri representing the International Liaison Committee and representing "Sawt el-Amel" trade union and rail workers distributed a petition calling for the return of Arab workers to their jobs.
These workers were dismissed, in March 2009, by Israel Railways which denied employment to railroad crossing guards who have no permit to carry weapons, that is who have not served in the Israeli military.
She said that this policy led to the lay-off of around 150 Arab railway workers who monitor and maintain Israel's level crossings.
The petition called on Israel to end its discriminatory policy against Arab workers against provisions of the International Labor Organization Convention 111. Hamid Al Zaidy from Iraq said that the Iraqi people wholeheartedly support the Palestinian people and stand side by side with the Palestinian workers and deplore all heinous crimes committed against them by the Israeli occupation especially in Gaza.
Secretary-General of the International Arab Worker's Union Hassan Jamam said that this sit-in, the first of its kind, aims at mobilizing public opinion to support an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital.
The sit-in in was attended by a huge crowd and the Palestinian Labor Minister, Ahmed Al Majdalani. The solidarity event took place on the sideline of the international labor conference currently convening in Geneva. (end) hn.rk KUNA 101514 Jun 09NNNN