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Woman leading suicide bomber network captured in Baghdad

BAGHDAD, May 24 (KUNA) -- Iraqi counter terrorism forces (ICTF) arrested on Saturday a woman suspected of leading a suicide bomber network operating in Baghdad, the US Army said Sunday.
Upon receiving a warrant issued by the Central Investigation Court, the ICTF arrested the suspected leader of a cell responsible for recruiting and preparing females for attacks as suicide bombers, a US Army press release which circulated here today said.
The suspect confirmed her identity after being interrogated and was taken into custody.
For his part, head of the special operations task force, Major Seth Krummrich said "the arrest of the suspect strikes a crippling blow to the female suicide bomber network in Baghdad.
"The success of this Iraqi-led operation could definitely provide insight and lead to future arrests of senior terrorist leadership," he added.
"This is a great representation of what a unified and well synchronized ISOF (Iraqi Special Operations Forces) intelligence and operational organization can accomplish," Krummrich said.(end) ahh.mar KUNA 241019 May 09NNNN