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Sudanese parties accuse France of derailing peace in Darfur

KHARTOUM, May 23 (KUNA) -- The authority of Sudanese political parties and organizations accused France Saturday of derailing ongoing efforts to reach peace in the troubled Darfur region.
Authority chairman Abboud Jaber called, in a statement, on France to stop what he called "inappropriate behavior which is against rules of justice." He also called upon the African Union (AU) to condemn the French "direct and indirect intervention" in Sudan's internal affairs and blocking efforts to reach peace in Darfur.
Sudanese officials have, meanwhile, accused France of supporting raided launched by neighboring Chad against Sudanese territories last week. Sudan is also blaming France for not doing enough to persuade the Paris-based leader of the rebel Sudan's Liberation Movement, Abdulwahed Mohammad Nour, to join the peace process.
Jaber, on the other hand, urged the AU to stop the Chadian attacks against the Sudanese territories.
He said Chadian recent assault aimed at dragging Sudan into a regional war.
Defense minister of Chad threatened last week that his forces were ready anew to enter into the Sudanese territories to crack down on strongholds of rebels.
Sudan and Chad are exchanging accusations of backing rebels in each side. Seven peace agreements failed to normalize relations between both neighbors. (end) hhi.bs KUNA 232043 May 09NNNN