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Egypt arrests Al-Qaeda members responsible for Al-Husain attacks

CAIRO, May 23 (KUNA) -- Egyptian security services captured Al-Qaeda affiliates responsible for the Al-Husain attacks back on February 22 where a French woman was killed and 24 people were injured, the official news agency said on Saturday.
Seven members of the group named "Islam's Army in Palestine" were carrying explosives and ammunitions at the time they were incarcerated, Middle East News Agency (MENA) quoted a security official as saying.
The group is run by two Egyptian escapees who assigned members to sneak into the Gaza Strip through tunnels and receive training on making explosives, it said.
One of the detainees claimed the group's responsibility FOR Al-Husain bombings, the source said, adding that weapons and ammunitions were delivered through two women, an Egyptian and an Albanian with a French passport, the source said.
A Tunisian carrying a Belgium passport was assigned to travel to Belgium and then to France and meet up with other members to carry a terrorist attack there, it said.
The group was assigned to target oil pipelines and resorts in Sinai, it said, and noted that the authorities detained two Egyptians, two Palestinians, a Tunisian carrying a Belgium passport, an Egyptian with a British passport, and an Albanian carrying the French passport. (end) az.aia KUNA 231603 May 09NNNN