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Sudan rules out war on Chad

KHARTOUM, May 16 (KUNA) -- The Sudanese army has ruled out going on war with Chad for the time being, accusing it of launching a fresh air attack on Sudan's territory early Saturday.
Speaking at a news conference here, spokesman for the army Othman al-Aghbash condemned Chadian air raids on his country as a provocative act that aims to drag Khartoum to war.
He said opposition could not be cut down to size by military action, denying the presence of any Chadian opposition forces inside Sudanese territories.
He lashed out at the Chadian military attack on Sudan as negatively affecting both African nations' national interests.
The accusation comes 10 days after Chad claimed that Sudan had backed Chadian rebels.
The two states have long traded accusations of supporting rebels in each other's territory, especially around Sudan's war-torn Darfur area.
Earlier, Sudanese foreign ministry spokesman Ali Sadiq said two Chadian aeroplanes had carried out strikes on areas 60km (40 miles) inside Sudan. Sudan has summoned the Chadian ambassador and alerted the UN Security Council, the Arab League and the African Union, a statement from Sadiq said. "The Sudanese army is ready to respond but is waiting for instructions from the leadership," he said.
Sudan has also long accused Chad of supporting rebels in the western Sudanese region of Darfur.
Last week Chad's government said it had repelled a rebel "invasion" from Sudan, and accused Khartoum of backing the rebel forces. Khartoum denied such an accusation.
That accusation came two days after Chad and Sudan had signed a reconciliation agreement in Qatar. Rebels have been trying to topple Chadian President Idriss Deby for more than three years. (end) hha.mt KUNA 161821 May 09NNNN