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10 dead, 25 wounded in Iraq explosions

BAGHADAD, May 16 (KUNA) - Explosions in different neighborhoods in the capital city resulted on Saturday in the killing of 10 people, among them a number of policemen and a child.
An explosion at an abandoned house in the city of Abu Ghraib, 20 km west of Baghdad, killed ten soldiers and wounded ten others as they forced themselves into the house while on a tour of duty, a police source said.
In another incident in the same city two policemen also got killed and seven others were wounded due to a roadside explosion.
A similar explosion killed two more policemen and injured three others and two civilians in the New Baghdad neighborhood.
Moreover a one and half year old child got killed and two of his brothers and their mother sustained injuries as a rocket shell slammed into their house, not too far from a US army base. (end) mhg.ajs KUNA 161559 May 09NNNN