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US Army: soldier killed by IEP in Basra

BAGHDAD, May 11 (KUNA) -- The US Army announced Monday that a soldier was killed in Iraq's southern city of Basra, a day earlier, increasing the number of casualties announced on Monday to six, after five soldiers were involved in an intentional friendly-fire shooting incident in Baghdad.
According to a US Army statement, the soldier was killed after his vehicle rolled over an improvised explosive device.
The identity of the soldier or his unit was not announced by the statement.
The casualty lifts the number of US soldiers killed this month to 11, and 4, 293 killed since the start of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." The death of five soldiers earlier today, is suspected to be a result of a shooting incident allegedly involving another US soldier who has been arrested, added the army statement. (end) ahh.sd KUNA 112251 May 09NNNN