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Libya blocks letter to UN comte regarding Iran''s violations of sanctions

UNITED NATIONS, April 23 (KUNA) -- Libya on Thursday blocked a letter that the Security Council Sanctions Committee against Iran would have sent to Member States urging them to be more alert regarding Iran's export of weapons in violations of various council resolutions, diplomats said.
The letter proposed by US, UK and France was referring to the specific case of a Cypriot-flagged vessel carrying weapons from Iran to Syria earlier this year.
"In light of this incident, the Committee urges all Member States to redouble their efforts to ensure full implementation of (various relevant) resolutions.
In particular, the Committee recommends Member States to be especially alert for additional violations that might occur in similar circumstances to the case," the letter would have said.
Letters and Statements by the council or its various committees need the consent of all 15 members to be approved.
The letter would have added that "the Committee believes that this information may help Member States carry out their internatioal obligations with respect to (various relevant) resolutions, in particular to aid States in detecting and preventing future violations.
"The letter would have asked Member States to share "on a confidential basis if necessary," information regarding alleged violations of the measures imposed in those resollutions.
The Committee would have expressed its intention in the letter to "take seriously its mandate to examine and take appropriate action on such information.
"The Committee's chairman - Japan - sent letters to both Iran and Syria last month, requesting information about the shipment.
"Regrettably neither state provided such information to the Committee," the letter would have said.
Iran and Syria did answer the Committee's letter earlier this month. They implicitly admitted the shipment but questioned the UN's silence regarding Israel's policies in the Palestinian and Arab occupied territories. (end) sj.sd KUNA 232017 Apr 09NNNN