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Major Israeli-American military exercise this year -- Israeli newspaper

GAZA, April 14 (KUNA) -- Israel and the United States would carry out an "unprecedented" military exercise this year to test three rocket defense systems, an Israeli newspaper reported on Tuesday.
The joint maneuver would be carried out in Israel, Jerusalem Post newspaper reported quoting "Israeli security sources" as saying.
Advanced Israeli anti-missile rocket (Arrow), two American anti-Ballistic rocket systems would be tested during the maneuver, the paper went on.
"The maneuver is aimed at creating an infrastructure to enable the joint Israel-American defense system from operating simultaneously whenever the US decided to fight Iran through its Israeli bases like it did during Gulf War I, " according to the paper.
Israel announced last week a successful testing of the Israeli anti-missile defense system, known as Arrow. The test was conducted against a ballistic-missile simulating the Iranian Shihab-3, the paper noted.(end) mt.aia KUNA 141014 Apr 09NNNN