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Libya to brief UNSC on Arab League-AU move to suspend ICC decision on Al-Bashir

UNITED NATIONS, March 6 (KUNA) -- Libya's UN envoy Ibrahim Dabbashi is scheduled to brief the Security Council later today on the Arab League-African Union (AL-AU) decision to send a delegation to New York in mid March to try once again to convince council members to suspend the International arrest warrent against Sudanese President Omar Al-Bashir for war crimes in Darfur, a council diplomat said on Friday.
The AL-AU delegation will not be here before March 16, the diplomat told KUNA, because the council is starting a visit to Haiti March 11 to 14.
An AL-AU delegation came to New York on the same mission last month but failed.
The diplomat said the council will then listen to a briefing by UN Deputy humanitarian chief Catherine Bragg to update the members on the situation in Darfur in light of the Sudanese Government's expulsion of 13 aid agencies from the province.
Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon yesterday expressed concern about the safety of international humanitarian workers in Sudan and their assets following the Government's confiscation of their equipment, money and other materials, calling it "unacceptable and must end immediately".
It is not clear whether the council's western members will push for a text to be adopted in this regard.
If they do, the diplomat said, the council's African members will oppose it and claim that Sudan is a sovereign country, despite the ICC indictment of its president. (end) sj.bs KUNA 062109 Mar 09NNNN