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Arab Economic Unity Council praises Arab Eco. Summit decisions

CAIRO, Jan 28 (KUNA) -- The permanent envoys of the member states in the Council of Arab Economic Unity on Wednesday praised decision making at the Arab Economic, Development and Social Summit recently held in Kuwait.
In its meeting presided by the Secretary General of the council Dr. Ahmad Jweili the council called on the need to implement what was announced at the summit in order to achieve joint Arab cooperation.
The summit focused on easier trade maneuverability for Arabs throughout Arab states, as well as easier trade, investment and commercial procedures.
It also supported the construction of a railway and electricity network, and programmes in food security, water, education, health, the environment and unemployment.
Support for Gaza was also dicussed through assistance from the Egyptian Red Crescent as well as the purchase of further medical aid to support Gazans. (end) mfm.nwr.sd KUNA 282112 Jan 09NNNN