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Arab Eco. Unity Council briefs Arab League on Kuwait''s summit next Wed.

CAIRO, Jan 26 (KUNA) -- Arab Economic Unity Council said here on Monday that it will brief Arab League permanent representatives on the outcome of Arab Economic summit held in Kuwait last week.
The Council's Secretary General Ahmed Jowaili said in a press release that the council will discuss setting up a "clear vision for Arab economic joint work, regardless of any political differences, in order to achieve real and vibrant motion in terms of businesses, goods, services, and capital between Arab countries.
He said the two-day summit focused on detailed matters concerning clear thinking to achieve Arab economic integration, through the adoption of the right for businesses to move freely, trade, and invest anywhere in Arab states through linkage of networks be it roads, railways or even electricity power stations.
He added that the summit also focused on Arab food safety projects and the Arab joint markets, water, education, health and the environment, unemployment and other projects in which they can achieve high rates of economic growth in future.
The Economic Council is composed of Egypt, Sudan, Somalia, Mauritania, Palestine, Jordan, Syria, Iraq and Yemen. (end) mfm.nwr.mb KUNA 262348 Jan 09NNNN