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Kuwait approves new medicine treatment for psoriasis disease

By Mubarak Al-Hajiri (With photos) KUWAIT, Dec 19 (KUNA) -- The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has approved and listed on Friday for the first time an Egyptian medicine for patients suffering from the psoriasis disease.
The medicine consists of natural materials put together by extracting propolis, honey and Aloe.
Dr. Agarrid Al-Jamal, who works as a consultant in Skin Diseases Faculty of Medicine of the University of Ain Shams is also the one who discovered the medicine drug.
In an interview with KUNA Al-Jamal said that the drug has been certified after an eight year scientific study noting that its effectiveness and success rate measured at 86 percent.
Al-Jamal said the new drug (Alalorid) available in the form of a cream-paint and works as peeling and breaking the outer layer of the skin affected by psoriasis into making seem normal also helps to speed growth and renewal of the production of normal cells that lead to healing the wounds associated with psoriasis.
In the past, patients had been monitored to see the improvement in through clinical and microscopic examination of samples before and after the treatment have been implemented.
The Egyptian Consultant asserted that results and the cure of the disease have been recorded in the international scientific bodies.
Al-Jamal added that the new medicine is free of chemicals which affect negatively the patient's health system.
Among others, Alalorid products derived from honey bees and honey gum and food labeling Royal bees wax and honey and pollen, which has become a new branch of medicine honey, Al-Jamal noted. (end) mah.mb KUNA 191722 Dec 08NNNN