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Gaza crossings still closed, Knesset debates "missile attacks"

GAZA, Nov 24 (KUNA) -- Israel announced Monday it will keep closure of all Gaza crossings, upon instructions of Defense Minister Ehud Barak.
Radio Israel said Barak took the decision after talks with Israeli security authorities Sunday evening.
It quoted the minister justifying the decision by saying that Palestinians fired missiles from Gaza towards the towns of southern Israel Sunday evening.
Israel closed the crossings three weeks ago and refuses to re-open them despite a looming humanitarian disaster in Gaza Strip.
However, Radio Israel said Israel will allow about 45 trucks with food from the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA) to enter through Karem Abu Salem Crossing near Rafah City.
It added that a Knesset session Monday is due to discuss response to the missile attacks upon request form the Likud and Israeli Betna blocs.
The Likud accused the Israeli government of inadequate response to Palestinian missile attacks, while Israel Betna said Defense Minister Barak is acting irresponsibly.(end) zt.ris KUNA 241115 Nov 08NNNN