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Kuwait donates USD one mln to "Bayt Mal Al-Qods" aid agency

By Mustafa Al-Sofi (with photos)

 RABAT, Nov 20 (KUNA) -- The State of Kuwait has donated on Thursday USD one million to the Rabat-based Bayt Mal Al-Qods Acharif, a fundraising agency active in the Holy City of Jerusalem.
"His Highness the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah instructed offering the donation to back the efforts of the agency aiming to preserve the Islamic and Arab identity of the holy city," Kuwait Ambassador to Morocco Salah Al-Ba'ijan said.
He made the statements to KUNA here after he handed the grant to the agency's director general Abdul-Kabir Al-Olwi Al-Madghari.
"The agency, chaired by Moroccan King Mohammad VI, plays a pivotal role in helping the brotherly people of Palestine and supporting the fair Palestinian question," Al-Ba'ijan underscored.
"The Moroccan monarch is doing praiseworthy efforts to ensure a better life for the Palestinian people.
"The agency conveys basic humanitarian relief materials to the Palestinians in the holy city particularly in the fields of healthcare, education and housing.
"Its relief efforts of the agency reflect the pan-Muslim solidarity with the Palestinians in the occupied territories particularly the holy city of Jerusalem," the Kuwaiti diplomat pointed out.
He praised the efforts of Al-Madghari, saying that the latter has given a strong impetus to the activities of Bayt Mal Al-Qods since he took office.
For his part, Al-Madghari said Kuwait has a long glorious history in backing the fair issues of the Arab peoples including the Palestinians.
"The generous donation of HH the Amir is part of the contentious contributions of Kuwait to the Arab people and the efforts of the agency.
"The selfless donation will give a strong momentum to the agency's activities in Jerusalem," Al-Madghari said voicing gratitude to Kuwait and HH the Amir.
He also extolled the efforts of Al-Ba'ijan which translated Kuwait's sincere desire to achieve prosperity and progress across the Arab world. (end) sf.gb.
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