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Tighter security over possible attacks in Turkey

ISTANBUL, Nov 17 (KUNA) -- Turkey's General Directorate of Security issued strict orders to all security and intelligence bodies across the country to take all necessary measures to counter any possible attack, similar to the assault on Istanbul which claimed many lives months ago.
The intensive security measures were ordered after intelligence information suggested members of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) managed to enter the Turkish capital, Ankara, to execute suicide bombings, Turkish daily Zaman cited security sources as saying.
Sources meanwhile said the main target of these terrorist operations is a senior army commander.
The daily also said that the plan was to carry out terrorist operations before the local elections, due in March, noting that all security authorities tightened security procedures to foil any possible operation and to hunt PKK members.(end) ta.sab KUNA 170950 Nov 08NNNN