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Coalition kills 12 Taliban to secure downed chopper

KABUL, Oct 28 (KUNA) -- The US-led coalition troops said they had killed 12 Taliban to secure the site when a "coalition helicopter was forced to land" on Monday, press office of the coalition forces said on Tuesday The office said that a US-60 Black Hawk helicopter came under small-arms fire during an anti-Taliban operation in Maidan Wardak province.
Coalition ground forces responding to the scene were engaged by several militants in the area. Coalition forces responded, initially killing five militants. The troops continued searching the area and were engaged by more militants. Coalition forces again responded, killing seven more militants and detaining one. There were no ISAF or coalition casualties, said the press office.
It added that the helicopter was recovered and taken to a nearby ISAF base. The coalition helicopter was shot down in Said Abad district of Maidan Wardak province on Monday, the day when two American soldiers were killed in a suicide attack on northern Afghanistan. Afghanistan's Maidan Wardak province is located some 45 kilometres south of the central capital Kabul. Located in the country's central zone, the province was reckoned among the peaceful areas, but security situation is deteriorating there over the previous six months. (end) gk.ajs KUNA 281452 Oct 08NNNN