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Russia expresses readiness to talk with US on defense missile shield

MOSCOW, Oct 6 (KUNA) -- Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said on Monday that his country is ready to resume talks with Washington on the US missile defense shield in Europe.
Lavrov said in a statement quoted by Russian news agency (Interfax) that they "are ready to continue talks in this regard with US Secretary of State and Defense." The Russian minister added that Moscow was still awaiting US assurances regarding Russian doubts and concerns on the issue.
He pointed out that a treaty on reducing strategic weapons will end in next December noting that Washington has not submitted any proposals to Moscow yet.
The Russian minister expressed hope that the US overcome the current economic crisis as soon as possible but called on Washington to take into account the interests of the global financial system to develop countermeasure procedures to deal with it. (end) as.mb KUNA 062009 Oct 08NNNN