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Suicide bomber kills 11 Iraqis in Mosul

BAGHDAD, Oct 5 (KUNA) -- Eleven Iraqi civilians were killed on Sunday as a suicide bomber blew up himself during a U.S. raid on a building in Mosul, some 390 kms (240 miles) north of Baghdad.
While a U.S. military spokesman said a suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest when the U.S. forces targeted him inside the building, eyewitnesses said the U.S. forces opened fire indiscriminately at civilians after being targeted by a bombing.
The victims include five terrorists, three women and three children, the U.
S. military statement said.
The U.S. forces exchanged fire with gunmen as they entered the building in pursuit of a wanted man.
As soon as they entered the building, the suicide bomber detonated his vest shortly, according to the statement.
Upon searching the building he U.S. forces found large arms cache inside it and found two injured children who were moved to a nearby hospital, it added.
Meanwhile, U.S. Lieutenant Commander David Russell said: "We are not sure if each died specifically from gunshot wounds, effects from the blast or a combination of both." He said he could not confirm whether any U.S. soldiers had been killed or injured in the manhunt.
Spokesperson of Multi-National Force - Iraq Rear Admiral Patrick Driscoll said the incident was an example of the terrorist Al-Qaeda Organization's manipulation of innocent civilians as human shields.
The suicide bomber blew himself up close to a group of women and children inside the building with cold-blood, Driscoll said.
On the other hand, an Iraqi security source and witnesses said in statements to KUNA that the victims fell during a U.S. raid against a house located at July 17 district, in Mosul.
The U.S. forced opened fire indiscriminately at civilians after being targeted by a bombing, they said under condition of anonymity.
The Iraqi security authorities and the U.S. military started a joint probe into the incident, Deputy Governor of Ninawa Khisro Koran said in phone call with KUNA.
"The U.S. side told us that the suicide bomber and four other terrorists aging between 25 and 40, as well as three women aging between 20 and 30, and three children were killed in the raid," he added.
The forensic department of Mosul received the bodies of the eleven victims and has yet to determine the causes of the deaths, an official of the department said. (end) mhg.gb KUNA 052346 Oct 08NNNN