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Three killed, four injured in suicidal attack eastern Algeria

ALGERIA, Sept 29 (KUNA) -- Three were killed and four others were injured in a suicidal attack in Dellys town, in Bomerdas state 53 kilometers east of the capital.
The Algerian authorities said in a statement this morning that the attack took place last night, when the bomber blew up his car which was loaded with explosives according to the investigations carried out by the Algerian security forces.
The statement added that the injured were rushed to Dellys hospital.
The suicidal attack is considered the first since last June, when Algeria witnessed a number of suicidal attacks targeting security centers and foreign interests, killing 85 persons while injuring other 146, where the most violent attack was the one targeting a police school in Bomerdas state on August 19, killing 48 while injuring other 40.(end) ft.lb KUNA 291318 Sep 08NNNN