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Iraqi PM concerned over scrapped law article

By Mohammad al-Ghuzi BAGHDAD, Sept 28 (KUNA) -- Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki on Sunday voiced concern over the abolition of an article bearing on minority rights in the provincial election bill.
Al-Maliki expressed his concern in a message to the Iraqi parliament speaker and his two deputies.
He urged the parliament and the independent election watchdog to change their minds and dispel the fears and anxiety of inherent societal components that boast of belonging to Iraq.
"We hoped that the parliament could pass the draft law submitted by the cabinet, which protects the representation of minorities as per the constitution and in line with our orientations towards a just representation of all components of the Iraqi people and defending their rights," he said.
Meanwhile, the northern Iraqi city of Mosul was the scene of protests against the scrapping of Article 50 of the provincial election law, which was given the thumbs up by the parliament last week. The abolished article ensures a quota to minorities in the councils of provinces.
As many as 5,000 demonstrators set off at Christian-overwhelmed Qaraqosh area, chanting slogans against the cancellation of the article. (end) mhg.mt KUNA 281424 Sep 08NNNN