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Four Iraqi militants killed in Mosul

ARBIL, Aug 29 (KUNA) -- The Iraqi policemen killed four militants including two would-be suicide bombers in Mosul city, north Iraq, on Friday.
One of the militant was wearing an explosive belt and the other suspect suicide bomber tried to enter a mosque In Tal-Afar, west Mosul, at the noon prayers, a police source told KUNA under condition of anonymity.
The security forces suspected the suicide bomber and tried to intercept him but he hurried to the mosque, located in Al-Qadessiya district, in Tal-Afar, prompting the security men to shot him dead.
The killings are part of a crackdown by the security forces on militants in Ninawa governorate, east Musol, the source noted.
The security forces seized the arms of the militants and found the body of the doctor who was kidnapped several days ago in Musol.
The police patrols are going on in the intransigent areas around Musol to stop the activities of insurgents, he added. (end) sbr.gb.
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